"REMEMBER the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." Let me talk to you a little about Sabbath-keeping. In the first place, Remember! Do not forget the Sabbath day when it comes. You are very busy, I suppose, in your studies or in your sports. 

That is right. But when the Sabbath comes, remember that it is a day for sport to be laid aside, a day for Bible study. Your common duties and pleasures have no business on the Lord's day. So remember the Sabbath day.

It is the Sabbath; that is, it is a rest-day. Children do not feel the need of rest, beyond the ordinary sweet sleep of the night, so much as grown people do. 

But still the Sabbath rest is a blessing to children. It would not be good for them to go on the year round with study and play, week after week, with no intermission. But rest does not mean mere idleness. Sleep is good in its place, but activity of body is needed as well as sleep. Rest is most truly gained through change of occupation. 

Thus if you have been studying your usual lessons diligently during the school days, it will rest your mind if on the Sabbath you study the Bible. 

It will make your mind fresher for the new week than if you were simply idle all the Sabbath through. So if your leisure hours during the week have been full of sport and play, it will rest your body to give over your running and jumping and all those various activities you are so fond of, and take a more sober and quiet method for one day.

Then the great thing is to keep the Sabbath holy. It is God's day. It is not a holiday, as so many make it. It is a holy day. It is a day for religious worship. We ought to be religious, of course, every day. But the Sabbath is the special day for religious worship. We ought to go to the house of God to attend Sabbath-school and meeting. And then, at home we ought to keep the Sabbath holy. Nor does this mean being dull and gloomy; it does not mean wearing a long face. You can be happy and holy at the same time. The Sabbath 

is the family day, when all can be together, and that is enough to make it happy.

God gave us a great blessing when he gave us the Sabbath. But we do not get the blessing unless we remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.


Plant blessings, and blessings will bloom;

Plant hate, and hate will grow. 

You can sow today; tomorrow shall bring 

The blossom that proves what sort of a thing

Is the seed, the seed that you sow.