Gain All


     In Jesus


  Better Lose Position Than Jesus.

--Do not think that if you take your position for the Bible truth you will lose your position. You had better lose your  position than lose Jesus. You had better be partakers of the self-denial and self-sacrifice of the Lord than to go in your own way seeking to gather to yourself the treasures of this life. You cannot carry any of it into the grave. You will come up from the grave without anything, but if you have Jesus you will have everything. He is all that you will require to stand the test of the day of God, and is not this enough for you?    

     A Decided Stand.

--Men may raise up all the combativeness they please, but the commandments of God are the commandments of God still. We have decided to keep God's commandments and live, and [preserve] His law as the apple of our eye. Let men rail out against the law of God and trample His commandment-keeping people under their feet. Can they do it and live? It is impossible. God has His measurement of character, and it is those who obey Him that live, and those who keep His law as the apple of their eye that He preserves. 1891. 

Ev 243-244