Friday Sunset

Friday evening sunset,

What a glorious scene.

The landscape is now resting,

While bathed in a golden sheen.

Another day, another week,

All speak of a Creator’s care.

Given to man a time of rest,

To contemplate in thoughts of prayer.

God in His infinite wisdom,

Provides man with rest each day.

So reminisce of His goodness,

Sabbath is on its way.

As the last rays fade over the horizon,

Peace seems everywhere.

Even the birds and beasts of burden,

Rest in their Creator’s care.

We are always saddened,

When loved ones are laid to rest.

No more do they see a Friday sunset,

The beginning of the day God has blest.

Rejoice in each precious moment,

Of the sanctified time.

Spent in giving Him glory,

For a day so sublime.

Wally Ganz